We are building homes for homeless widows near Kisumu, Kenya through Widows Harvest Africa

Kisumu, Kenya

Joshua and his wife Abigael live with their five children in Miwani, which is in the Kisumu district of Kenya. Joshua is the senior pastor of a local church there and his wife is the Founder and Director for Widows Harvest of Kenya. Joshua and Abigael Atieno direct Widows Harvest International based in Miwani, Kenya. Abigael started this ministry she has not only helped widows in their area with many housing needs, including the actual building of seven new houses, but she also holds weekly gatherings in order for widows to come together for prayer and fasting.According to Joshua this ministry has truly transformed his church. There are now so many widows attending his church that it has become known as the “Widows” church.

Mountains of Kisumu, Kenya

Help in Kenya

Reach out to Joshua Atieno for information about our Widows Harvest Ministries in Kenya. To schedule a project, call (423) 266-0260, or email us at info@widows.org.