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End of Year 2023 Newsletter
Merry Christmas from all of us at Widows Harvest Ministries. Please take a look at our End-of-year 2023 newsletter.
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Pleading the case postcard

Pleading the Case Podcast

If a tune-up can’t fix a car engine because what it really needs is for the entire engine to be rebuilt, then why would we, in the Christian faith, perform tune-ups on the form and function of our churches when what they may really need is to be completely overhauled? Join the host of Pleading The Case, Andy Mendonsa, where in each episode, he will peal back the culture and traditions that have come to define much of the Church in America today in order to accurately assess whether all that is needed is just a good tune-up, or as he has become convinced, a compete overhaul.

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