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Andy’s Spring 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Ministry Partners and Supports:

This has been one of the busiest first halves of a year that I can ever remember. The total number of new widows, widows that have never contacted us before, since January 1st, is 39. The number of days that we have had volunteers assisting with meeting home repair needs is over 55, for a total of 70 projects completed and 40 widows served (multiple projects done for individual widows). There are another 51 widow’s home repair projects waiting to be started, along with 30 widow’s yards that we regularly maintain and 4 yards with overgrowth clearing needs.

Our total income through May 18th is $117,770.00, with our total expenses being $137,706.00 for a deficit of -$19,936.00. So, how did we just hire 2 new, full-time employees? Thanks to the generosity of the Maclellan Family Foundation Funds, we were given a grant to hire one new employee in order to help with the growing requests from widows with home repair needs. Amazingly, we were actually able to hire 2 new employees with that single grant. It wasn’t because the amount of the grant was so large that we could do that, it was because God sent us 2 new employees who have a heart for serving God first, over the amount of their income.

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