In Memory

In Memory of Venoy Hamilton Hadorn

Beverly Harrison

In Memory of Phil Minton

Stephen Minton

In Memory of Wolodimir Dynysiuk

Sophia Przybylowicz

In Memory of Robert Harbert

Phyllis Crooks

Gene and Marian Fitzgerald

Phyllis, John and Mark Harmon

Elise Severson

Dr. Kelly and Tabitha Kapic

In Memory of Essie Hinton Brown

David and Loretta Denmark

Elmwood United Presbyterian Church / Deacon Roxanne Hinton Burrus

Remell Sorrells

In Memory of Avanelle Strange

Janice Gross

In Memory of Anna Dynysiuk

Sophia Przybylowicz

In Memory of Donald Shedd

Judy Seifert

In Memory of Mrs. Annie Moore

Remell Sorrells

In Memory of Wanda Felts

Beverly Creech

In Memory of Dorothy Swinson

Henry and Wendy Williams

In Memory of Daniel Webb

Colleagues at Blue Cross Blue Shield:






Marla Hood

Jami Wolbers

Kelley Veazey

Math and Sciences Division of Chattanooga State





In Memory of Hadrienne and Asher Mendonsa

Mary Tucker

In Memory of Beulah M. Vasser

Son - Judge John W. McClarty

In Memory of A. R. Jackson - Christmas 2015

Penny and Nelson Farr

In Memory of Asher River Mendonsa

The Hamlett Family

Mary Kay and Philip Mantel

New Covenant Bible Church of Canton

Don and Katie Morton

Sam and Donna Smartt

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Roz and Addison Soltau

Scott and Cherie Brown

Grady Lane

Cheryl Slack

In Memory of Marian Lear

Marsha and Mark Buhler

Jerry and Catherine Bass

In Memory of Jean Louise Platt-Davidson

Raymond H Davidson, III

In Memory of Ruth G. Mitchell

David and Maria Mitchell and Ruth's family

In Memory of Beulah Mae Vasser

Judge John W. McClarty

In Memory of Willene Reynolds

Clyde and Rebekah Reynolds

Lynn Gamble Crocker

Sue Gamble Crocker

Steve Gamble

Elizabeth Culler

Carla and Mark Stevenson

Aprille Quinn

Lynne McClure

Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

Janice McCord

Robert Whitmire

Stephen Keown

Charles and Beatrice Hicks

Edith and Trin Wooten III

Chattanooga Porcelain Artists Guild

In Memory of Ginny Gamble

Lynn Gamble Crocker

Sue Gamble Crocker

Steve Gamble

In Memory of Hadrienne Mendonsa

Cheryl Slack

Christine and John Pace

In Memory of Debbie Mann

Judy Seifert

In Memory of Janie Mae Turner

Nia Carter

In Memory of Dr. Harry N. Davis

Catherine Ouellette

Robert and Lois Kimmer

Jack and Ann Fincher, Jr.

Penny and Nelson Farr

New Covenant Bible Church

In Memory of Melissa Pace and Hadrienne Mendonsa

John and Christine Pace

In Memory of Ruth Rice

Catherine Bass

In Honor

In Honor of My great friend Andy Mendonsa

Aaron Tolson

In Honor of Andy Mendonsa

Clark Taylor

In Honor of Dick Mason

Suzanne Rushworth

In Honor of Mr. Andy Mendonsa

Susan and Luke Gregory

In Honor of Barb and Joe Novenson

Abigail Gibbons

In Honor of Hunter Brock

Nina and Pat Brock

In Honor of Chuck Mills Family

Hilda Horton

In Honor of Emily Hawkins and John Neil Wedding

Amy and Brian Dehan

Kahlib and Megan Fischer

Rebecca Murphy

In Honor of Terrie Payne

Richard Payne

In Honor of My Family

Donna Petrel

In Honor of Hunter Brock - Christmas 2015

Grandparents Nina and Pat Brock

In Honor of Beverly Jackson - Christmas 2015

Penny and Nelson Farr

In Honor of Mary Bangs

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bangs

In Honor of Dick Jackson

Penny Farr


In Honor of Stroud/Eavenson Wedding

Andrew Bevers

Sydney Catlett

Emily Davis

John and Katherine Duley

Lulu Elam

Tim and Barbara Exley

Sharol and Steve Hayner

Grant, Reed, Connie McCoy

Nancy Myer

The Oswald Family

Peter and Beth Jenkins Smith

David Suthon

Tim and Mary Vance Berlin

In Honor of Bob Harbert

Allison Smith

In Honor of Sue and John

Donna Kay McLaurin

In Honor of Bill Fraker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landis

In Honor of Rachel Kelley

Grandparents Kermit and Elaine Whitt

In Honor of Dick Mason

Donna McBryar

Luther Killian

In Honor of David Strange

Robert and Elizabeth Kite

Shirley Middlebrooks

The Daisy Woman's Club

Janice Gross

Spiritual Widowhood

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